Blog Idea, so why I started?

8/10 people dread public speaking. Survey and test reports show that this is one of the most stressful activity in our lives. It can be compared to loosing the job. That is how we are being scared by journalists, scientists and others. Meanwhile we make dozens of presentations and speeches each day! With a smile on the face 🙂

I deeply believe that with a little of practice, everyone can feel on the stage as comfortable as in conversation with a friend. But this is only the fires step. Usually we want to do it better, so we ask questions: how to catch their attention? how to look as an expert? how to make my audience remember me?
If you ask those questions you obviously made a second step forward. Unfortunately it also means you need to make some steps back and build new communication paths in your mind. Why? because you probably have never learned (intentionally) how to listen, how to expres and read emotions, how to give feedback.

My name is Marek and I will try to share with you some thoughts i have after 4 years in this area. In other words i will focus myself on topics that can help you strengthen your self-confidence, improve communication and stand out against the competition. You will find also posts about building your personal brand not only on the stage but also in the Internet.


Why its worth to read?

If you ever wonder…

  • how to eliminate your stress during public speeches,
  • how to create alluring and remarkable presentations,
  • how to attract your listeners from the first word,
  • what makes that people remember you or your company?
  • what differentiate communication used by most recognized companies?
  • how and what tools you can use during the speech,
  • how to communicate more effectively with your coworkers?
  • wat makes your feedback positive and motivational?

… you will definitely  dig many answers here. I know that it will help you to improve your communication and act more effectively. Moreover the fact you are looking for those kind of information shows me that you know how important public speaking skill is!

Wish you great time here 🙂